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One-on-One Sessions  Coaching & Mentoring No one can tell you who you are, but guidance and clarity around four main questions can allow your authentic self to emerge with answers.…

Creativity Creative cycles ask to be fostered in specific ways Prepare in advance – awareness & perspective Open the field of potential – commit Select the elements Harmonize the elements…

Workshops & Groups Sometimes, our identities cease to serve us or the good of our lives, and we must find a way to outgrow our selves. Group experiences are often…

Consulting for Organizations Working together is an art form, and blending the nuanced nature of intention, concept and communication can be an uneasy task at times. Sometimes, an organization needs…

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Marina A

Your encouragement helped a great deal...I look forward to developing more and more of the core power. I know that when consciousness and unconscious are on the same page, 'miracles' happen. It is definitely time to get the support of the unconscious! You provide the missing piece. Thank you, Ida.

Jill S.

Prior to Ida’s visit I was struggling with excessive alcohol intake, lack of self worth, little direction in life, low confidence... I had one treatment with Ida that involved Ida asking me questions about my life and where I was at that point of time and where I could see myself going. After our talk I was already starting to feel better and wanted to “clean myself up”. What I began to realize was that I actually had quite a lot going for me...I would like to say that whatever happened that day totally changed my life and it happened very quickly. Thank You Ida!


You were able to access my subconscious thoughts and patterns, so that I could finally start to clean out some of the old outgrown programming and make way for new choices, behaviors and thinking. The recordings you prepared for me to listen to at home greatly reinforced the work we did in the session, allowing the changes to occur more quickly...Thank you for your patience, kindness and wisdom.

Melany Los Angeles - LIFE TRANSITIONS
Kate R.

Ida Kendall's work has been an integral part of my life the last six years. Her energy and consciousness coaching has helped me navigate two moves across the country, find a new career path and build a stronger, more balanced relationship with my family. For me, it has been like untangling a ball of twine... she has helped me identify and sort out all the feelings I had inside and move forward down a clearer, brighter path. I am forever grateful for her help with these issues that are "real life". She is the best..

 Paula Z.

I’ve immense gratitude for the work we have done together, for all that you have taught me in your mentoring, and for the beautiful soulful way you are in this world.

Debbie S.

In only one session with Ida, she helped me find my voice, my spirit and my strength! Feeling as though I didn’t deserve what I truly wanted in life and feeling unempowered by my husband’s strong character, I was longing for something I felt I couldn’t achieve and shouldn’t deserve. Since that meeting I have discovered the hidden ability to be successful in my own desires!

Debbie S. Santa Monica - SELF WORTH & SUCCESS
Barrie C.

What you did for my daughter was incredible, she is strong, confident and self assured.

Barrie C. Woodland Hills - TEENS
George M.

Today was a wonder full time for me, being with you and your mastery! I felt happy, content and free from the concern and worry that have been my on and off companions for too many hours days and weeks.

George M. Palm Desert - WORRY & LONG TERM STRESS